Few Factors That Can Raise the Cost of Shipping Your Car

Handing over your car to someone while relocating can always be a little stressful, as your car is one of the most expensive items that is in your possession.

However, if you choose a reliable car shipping company like Ship a Car, Inc. then you should not bother how much it will cost to ship a car, as SAC is one of the most reliable car shipping companies in the country.

However, you need to know about various factors that will decide the shipping cost to transport your car to your new destination. The following are a few things that will decide the cost of shipping your car.

  • The weight and size of your car

Both your car size as well as the weight will matter while shipping your car through any transport. Any small and light vehicle will certainly cost much less as compared to any large and heavy car.

As a larger vehicle will occupy more space and hence the transporter will try to compensate with a higher price.

  • What type of shipping method you prefer

The most common method of car shipping is usually through an open transport method, where your car will remain exposed to outside weather like rain or snow, etc. In the case of enclosed transport, your car will remain fully covered during the move.

The enclosed shipping method will attract more cost. However, if your car is too costly or a vintage car then you have to opt for this method of shipping.

  • Location of your destination

If you are moving to the very next city then perhaps your shipping cost will be much lower as compared to shipping a car to a long distant location. Moving your car to different countries will also cost you much higher.

  • The season when you want to ship

Shipping costs may also vary based on the seasons. Generally, during the months between November and February which are spring and winter seasons, in the southern side, the cost of shipping is going to be higher because of dangerous road conditions due to snow.

Similarly, during the spring and summer seasons, too shipping costs may become a little different.

  • Your urgency

If you try to book for shipping at the last moment and demand that your car should reach within your scheduled time, then obviously you have to pay more.

Therefore, it is always preferable to book for car shipping well in advance so that it will reach the destination when you need it.

  • Trackability

Many companies may not offer you a tracking facility online so that you may know the exact location of your car. However the company representative will monitor the location of your car and the more you seek the update of your car’s location, you will be charged for that.

  • Brand value of the shipping company

Shipping cost will also depend upon which company you are dealing with. Any company with a better brand value will have a premium price too.


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