Vehicles are crucial components of our daily lives. The auto industry is changing rapidly, and car prices are only increasing. New cars are getting costlier each year, becoming high-value purchases for the commoner. Amid this, people learn to reuse different resources for ecological well-being and cut down on their expenditures. When you own a vehicle, you must take care of it, whether it is new or used.

Reused vehicles always need more attention than new ones, as they have already been subjected to wear and tear.

Here are some tips one needs to follow to maintain a used car:

  • Determine the Optimal Tire Pressure:

A vital step by which you can keep your car running for a long time is checking the tyre pressure on every 2nd gas refill. Low tyre pressure is the leading cause of numerous vehicle damage and malfunctions. That’s why it’s crucial to drive the auto safely when you have the tyre pressure often checked and discovered to be in intact condition.

  • Drive it with care every day:

During start-up, do not race your car’s engine. When you first start driving, take it slowly.

Incomplete combustion of fuel, oil pollution, and eventually damaged components occur from the engine not operating at its maximum temperature.

Turn off your car’s engine at signals and when stuck in long traffic.

One excellent car upkeep pointer that everybody will offer is to pressure the vehicle smoothly. If you are too hard on the brakes and accelerators and are rash when riding, you are sure to wear down your car soon – earlier than expected.

  • Take extra care of the engine, and don’t let it run when the vehicle is not moving:

Do you keep your vehicle’s engine running when you stop at the signals? If yes, then please know that you have to mend your ways. Else, it will routinely reduce the vehicle’s fuel performance and influence your engine’s lifestyle as well.

  • Checking up the engine oil more frequently:

One of the vital engine upkeep tips that you need to follow without fail is to exchange the engine oil at the proper intervals. Because if your engine oil is infected, the same debris and dust (present in this oil) are transmitted to the opposite parts of your car. This mechanically increases the wear and tear on the engine and its components, and your vehicle shows problems very frequently.

  • Keep changing the coolant as well:

Since a used vehicle has travelled so many miles already, it’s natural to warm up quite regularly. That is why it is vital to maintain more excellent coolant within the vehicle. And after a specific duration, make sure to change the coolant frequently. Because if it’s left inside the car for a long time, it gets infected and robotically affects the engine adversely. Do not pour undiluted coolant into your cooling system; it requires coolant and antifreeze. Dilute it with water in a 50-50 ratio, as suggested.

  • On a long drive, avoid putting strain on your engine by taking frequent breaks:

After a continuous drive of a few hours, even your car’s engine also gets exhausted, just like you. Especially if it’s a used automobile, it calls for preventive maintenance at regular durations. Therefore, after a few hours, stop in between and take a break for a couple of minutes.


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